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Select the Active Speaking Companion service that suits your needs best

Junior Chat

Bridge the gap between the classroom and real life!

Your child will be guided through the process of turning their theoretical knowledge from the classroom into practical real-world expression through meaningful 1:1 speaking opportunities.

Pure Practice

A space for you to immerse yourself in English and practice effectively.

Enjoy effective, stress-free 1:1 conversation practice focusing on the 6 areas of fluency: speaking time, active vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening comprehension, and mindset and confidence. Improve your overall English-speaking skills by developing your vocabulary, grammar, and fluency while talking about everyday topics, your interests, and life.

Phil & Friends

Be your best self at work and beyond

Tackle specific personal or professional challenges that are holding you back from achieving your true potential. Through a combination of coaching and focused conversation practice, become a more active and outspoken person in English.

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