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Junior Conversation

Überbrücke die Lücke zwischen dem Klassenzimmer und dem echten Leben!

As your child's personal Active Speaking Companion, I will provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to turn their classroom English into an English-speaking personality.

In exciting 1-on-1 conversations, your child will learn how to speak up and be an active speaking participant not only with me but also at school and in real life.

Laughing Kids

Kids and young adults today face three main language learning challenges

Incorrect Assumption

Language course in schools do not have the capactiy to focus on speaking-practice which might cause your child to aviod speaking all together.

This might lead your child to developing a false sense of insecurity around thier English-speaking ability.

Behind the Screen

Through Digital communication Gen Z and Gen Alpha engage with English content via YouTube, social media, gaming, and streaming.


This exposure improves their listening but might affect their face-to-face conversational skills due to a preference for online interaction.

Language Confusion

Social media exposes people to casual language and slang, potentially blurring formal and informal communication boundaries.


Your child must learn to distinguish online interaction language from the formal English needed in education and work.

Now what?

Give your child a head start

When your child is given the opportunity to just speak freely, they will:

Develop a confident and outspoken English-speaking personality


Embrace English-speaking situations at school and in real life through self-confidence

Learn the different forms of English we use in both informal and formal environments

Become an Active English speaker who is comfortable speaking English in-person

Youth Club Meeting

How it works

Each conversation experience is tailored to your child's interests, needs, and English level

Live Conversation

Live 1on1 conversation practice will give your child the experience of speaking English naturally and authenically.

They will learn to express their thoughts, emotions, and more importantly, their personality.

Incorporate School

Your child can discuss topics covered at school which will increase the relevance of our conversation.

They can also ask me questions about vocabulary and grammar topics they might need some additional help with.

Explore Curiosity

 Each conversation is guided by your child's natural curiosity expanding their English and general knowledge.

Let them explore the world around them, and share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings on different topics in English.


Phil ist der perfekte moderne Englischlehrer für meinen 12-jährigen Sohn. In spannend gestalteten Lektionen gelingt es Phil, Schwachstellen gezielt anzugehen und zwar nicht mit langweiligen, althergebrachten Übungen, sondern mit stets lustiger und spielerischer Konversation.


Phil's absolute Stärke ist es, ein Kind auf beeindruckend natürliche Art und Weise dort abzuholen, wo es steht, sodass die Zeit jeweils wie im Fluge vergeht. Die Kinder verlieren schnell alle Hemmungen, selbstbewusst in einer fremden Sprache zu sprechen und erhalten Gelegenheit auf natürliche Art und Weise ihre Englischkenntnisse im Alltag anzuwenden.


Phil's unkonventionelle, unkomplizierte Unterrichtsart, insbesondere sein ehrliches Interesse an den Themen, die meinen Sohn jeweils aktuell bewegen, begeistert mich als ehemalige Lehrerin immer wieder aufs Neue und der stetige Fortschritt meines Sohnes gibt ihm absolut recht.

Renate Sgier, Schulletierin in Zürich, über Ihren Son Gian


One offer. Simple as that.

*For children between 11 - 18 years of age

Diese Option beinhaltet:

Live-Gespräche mit mir entweder online oder bei mir im Büro

Spannende indivuelle gestallteten lektionen die zu sprech animieren

Professionelles Feedback & Wortschatzerweiterung

Flexibles Sprechzeit auswahl von 30, 45 oder 60 minuten, je nach Alter



CHF 65 / hr

CHF 60 / hr
  • What is my commitment?
    You are free to decide how much time you'd like to work, which makes work hours very flexible. Because I am only offering Phil & Friends to my current clients, you will not be overrun with work. This means that if you're looking to make a little money as a sidehustle, then starting out as a Stranger is a great opportunity. Once the Phil & Friends program because more established, demand will increase.
  • What is my effort?
    Before conversation: Because the Stranger Conversations are spontaneous and in-the-moment, there is no preparation work needed on your part before having a conversation. During: The main priority is to have a conversation that feels authentic, organic, and spontaneous. For this reason, I will not be providing live feedback correction during the conversation but instead being an active listener, writing down a few notes as they speak, which is something my clients already feel comfortable with. After: After each Stranger Conversation, I'm going to ask you to fill out a short feedback form of 5 questions which I will share and review with the client. Current Strangers generally need about 10-15 minutes on this. However, this may vary from person to person.
  • What do I earn?
    Clients have the option of booking either a 30 or 45-minute Stranger Conversation. Please take into consideration that this is not a traditional teaching position and you will not be required to teach. Instead, you will use your expertise to provide valuable feedback to be about my clients through the conversations you'll have as a Stranger. The current rate is as follows: CHF 55 for a 45-minute conversation plus feedback or CHF 41.50 for a 30-minute conversation plus feedback. Feedback means filling out a 5 question form at the end of each Stranger Conversation on such topics as flow, vocabaulary use, major grammar issues, commication skills. Current Strangers spend roughly 10-15 minutes on providing feedback. However, this way vary a little from perosn to person.
  • What qualifications/requirements do I need?
    To set myself apart from other language exchange platforms, the Strangers I pair with my clients should be qualified teachers and/or language examiners because this will increase the quality of the feedback the client gets. This means that you have: - teaching qualification (University degree, CELTA, DELTA, SVEB, TESOL) or - language examiner certification Furthermore, - you must be able to live & work in Switerland
  • What is my work status with Phil?
    Anyone I work with has to have a Swiss work permit and be registered in Switzerland. As a Stranger, you'll be working in a freelance relationship with Phil's Conversation. Unless you earn more than CHF 2100 a year with me, no steps need to be taken to register with the SVA (Social Insurance Office). This means that you do not need to be registered as self-employed and can start with no administrative effort.
  • What's the application process?
    The application process is as follows: 1) Review all the requirements and FAQs to make sure you are qualified and passionate about the opportunity 2) After filling out the application form, you'll get an email with a link for you to book an interview with me where will get to know each other and discuss the Stranger Role in more detail. 3) If we both agree that you'd be a good fit, I'll invite you to join me for a conversation together with a client of mine. 4) If the conversation goes well and you're still interested in the position, I'd be happy to welcome you as a Stranger.

Dein kostenloses Erstgespräch:

Willst du deinem Kind einen Vorsprung in der englischen Sprache verschaffen?

Dann mach es möglich und buche ein kurzes Beratungsgespräch mit mir.

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