Phil's Active Audio Task Library

Activiate your English on your own time with engaging tasks designed to add color and variation to how you practice English

What is an Active Audio Task?

Active Audio Tasks are exercises that use audio messaging to get you to practice using English while combing the four language skills:

Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing

Active Audio Tasks follow a three-part principle:


For many, thinking in English is a challenge that gets in the way of freely speaking.

By actively using English, you'll develop an English-speaking voice in your head which will help you flow.


Passive interaction with English like watching movies won't help much when it comes to speaking.

The key to improving is to actively use English which will also greatly improve Vocab!


Sharing your work with me is key to developing comfort and confidence when speaking English.

Share ideas you care about! Jump on opportunity!
Start Speaking!

Active Audio

Active Audio Focus

Active Audio Tasks focus on a combination of the following:
Adding variation to how you practice will help you develop your English skills in different forms of communication.

Most importantly, the variation gives you the opportunity to do those things that you enjoy.

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  • Rework & Revise *
  • Watch & Tell *
  • Explain it like I'm five *
* coming soon
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